The question I often hear is, “What makes the SHD chef coat different from the others?” I feel like this is a valid question, so I’m choosing to answer it with pictures taken by Aaron Cash. I went through my closet and gathered coats from the three different brands that I own.

This jacket is not loving my hips; it’s extremely uncomfortable.

The first chef coat I purchased as a young culinary student was from ChefWorks. The sales associate urged me to get an extra small as the sizes ran large and all they offered were unisex uniforms. This coat was not made for any woman in mind. Straight at the waist and bulky, I spent my semester constantly rolling up my sleeves, the front of my jacket dragging through my work, and a bottom button that couldn’t be buttoned. I’ve lost some weight, so as you can see it’s buttoned in the picture, but the tension caused by my hips is quite noticeable.


At least they tried right?

My second chef coat I purchased was a woman’s extra small from Uncommon Threads. Again, I might as well be wearing a men’s dress shirt. I was still stuck in a much too large potato sack that got in the way and was a fire hazard (ask me how I know). This jacket’s only saving grace were the slits cut at the bottom to accommodate my Italian hips and ass.

Both Jackets retailed for about $30.00.

So let’s take a look at the SHD jacket. This fitted jacket is crafted out of wonderfully breathable and flexible fabric. Made for chefs by chefs, this classic look designed for comfort and free movement. Not only is it a visual masterpiece, it holds up to hard work and intensive labor. I never have to roll up my sleeves—when I pull the cuff up it stays. With the other two jackets, I don’t look like I even have a place in the kitchen. I would never take anyone seriously who looked that sloppy (and through no fault of my own, jackets that fit women just didn’t exist). Another thing I would like to point out is that these jackets are beautifully hand sewn right here in North Carolina. If you’re anything like me, you love local and lord knows I do—from good brew to good food! The fact that I can extend that same local love to the threads I sport in the kitchen is an exciting thing to me. So for the next person that asks me, this is why I wear Sandra Harvey Designs.


I’m also in love with the pockets and high collar.